Tragedy struck the 2011 Chicago Mackinac race.  During a severe storm a racing sailboat capsized resulting in the loss of two lives.  As fellow boaters and racers we understand the risks associated with our sport.   Storms have a life of their own, but through technology and careful analysis they can be investigated.  For a detailed and fascinating look at this storm, which passed directly over Escanaba, click here.

2011 Escanaba Maritime Festival - Venetian Night Parade:  Click here to see all of Randy's photos. 

Todd Hurley and the Crew of "Salvation" presented a video of their delivery from Long Island, New York, to Escanaba.  Sea Ray 52' delivery from Lindenhurst, N.Y. to Escanaba, MI. May 2010, 8 days, 35 Locks, 15 Lift Bridges, 4 log hits, 2 haul outs, 8 days, 1278 miles, by Captain Todd Hurley, Hurley Marine.  Enjoy!!

*Navigation Announcements*

  • The Terrace Buoy (#11) is being relocated. The location of the Terrace (#11) Buoy is 500 feet west of the current potion.  The new location will have no effect on the measured distances for the EYC Wednesday night race courses.  However, the water depth west of the buoy is limited.
  • Cedar River Entrance Buoys: The Coast Guard will be marking the channel leading into the Cedar River with red and green unlighted buoys marking a minimum depth of 6 feet. Upon completion the positions and numbers of the buoys will be published in Section I of the Local Notice to Mariner.  Thanks to Terry Reynolds for this information

Cruising is an important activity in the club.  In addition to informal cruises, we have the annual EYC cruise typically on Labor Day weekend.  Join us for the friendship and fun.  

Jackson Harbor, Washington Island, is one of our favorite cruising destinations.  This quaint and well protected harbor is a bit tricky to navigate.  Marilyn & Glendon Brown have provided a chartlet with the new water depths along the docks.  The depths are based on low water datum.  With the lake level up about 18 inches this year (2009) the depths are greater than those listed.  Thanks Marilyn and Glendon!  

2008 EYC Cruise to Fayette:


LAKE MICHIGAN - Upper Green Bay - Chart 14909: